"You will enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height."

Wang Zhihuan

This bike tour will lead you on top of Mount Faito, the giant who dominates the sea. Bike in a natural oasis immersed in the typical mountain landscape and enjoying amazing views.
Suitable only for expert cyclists and trained athletes

The price includes

Guided Bike Tour with the assistance of qualified and expert instructors of the Italian Cycling Federation
Carbon road bike rental
Helmet rental
€ 99, 00


Meeting place: Piazza Tasso- Sorrento
(pick-up at the accommodation available, not included in the price)
Meeting time: h 8 am - 
Time: 5 hours approx

The Mount Faito tour requires true passion: it is only suitable for serious bikers and, above all, trained athletes.

Start in the main square of Meta di Sorrento, where the church dedicated to “Madonna del Lauro” (Holy Mary of Laurel) is located.

We will take highway SS 145 northbound. After a 3-km uphill road we will turn right and take a local road that will lead us to the hamlet of Monte Lattari; even if the tour has just started, we must stop so to not miss the landscape, always spectacular no matter the weather conditions.

Excited by the breathtaking landscape, we will keep biking, but soon we will find that the road goes more and more uphill. We will bike along local roads and tracks, and we will pass through fields immersed in a natural oasis.

After approximately 20 km, we will arrive in Moiano, a small hamlet of Vico Equense. Then we will turn right and take the path that will lead us to the peak. From then on the road will be continuously uphill. It is a tough road to bike along, some stretches having a slope of almost 12%: approximately 7 km of pure adrenaline leading us to the plain of Mount Faito.

The view from the peak is beyond words: we will enjoy a restoring break looking at the breathtaking landscape and immersed in the sounds of nature and the the aroma of the fields.

After the break, even if sorry to leave this natural oasis, we will go back downwards the same way until the ending point of the tour.